Scariest Night Update 2 (Hospital Stay # 1)

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Please note that this was written (June 18th and it is now July 30th.  I will be sharing updates daily until I am caught up to where we are in our journey now).

Being the control freak momma I am, I didn’t just load my daughter into the van and run her to the ER.  Instead, I packed a cooler, a hospital bag and made arrangements for my pets and other children THEN we left for the hospital.

I asked my hubby to drive so that I could support my daughter’s head on the two hour car ride.   If she wasn’t resting her head on my hands behind her head she was leaning forward on her huge stuffed penguin to relieve the pressure on her neck.

Let me just say we have never, ever been to Carle hospital, we have visited in one of their clinics but never to the hospital itself.

We were checked in almost immediately but then had a fairly long wait in the emergency waiting room.  After all it was after 8:00pm on a Friday night.  I was thankful we had brought her Gatorade to help keep her fluids up while we waited.

Hanging in the waiting room at Carle

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