Transportation And Mobility Ideas For Your Child

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Transportation and Mobility Ideas For Your Child

Part 7 in the Helping Your EDS Child Series

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My Children and Pregnancy Loss Stories

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My Children and Pregnancy Loss Stories


Due to the fact that not everyone is ready to openly discuss pregnancy loss I posted my 23 year journey of 3 beautiful babies and 7 angel babies on my page tab at the top.

It is very open and honest and may be too difficult for some to read.

However, I did want to provide the link and here it is.

Please only read if you are emotionally ready to here someone else’s journey into heart break .

I didn’t pull any punches and threw it all out there.

So many miscarriage stories I see seem to be incomplete and I don’t want to rewrite mine so here it is and I hope it will help someone.

Please let me know if it helps you.

One Teenager’s Response to Living With an Invisible Illness

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One Teenager's Response to Living WIth an Invisible Illness

One Teenager’s Response to Living With A Chronic Illness

My teenage daughter was asked to write a narration with a moral for her comp class this year.  She is a senior.  She chose to write not only about her fight to help others understand what EDS is and how it affects her everyday life but how she is not going to let her illness ruin it.

(She is definitely her momma’s girl.)

  This is her paper in it’s entirety with links added to empower others with useful knowledge.

Do Not Be Ignorant

Becca Dance photo

Once upon a time, in a not so far away land, lived a dark haired maiden.  She was your average, all around, American girl, but behind all of that was a different person that no one ever saw besides her family.  Until one day, she could not hide anymore.  She had to show herself to the world, not knowing how people would react to seeing her in the not so beautiful reality.  This is my story asking people not to judge me until they come to know me and my life.Continue Reading the full Article…

How To Help Your EDS Child At Home (Part-6)

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How To Help Your EDS Child (Part 6)

How To Help Your EDS Child At Home

These are just a few ideas to help make schoolwork a little less painful at home.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below or e-mail them to Reading the full Article…

My Top 10 “SpoonSavers” from The Pampered Chef

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My Top Ten Spoonsavers From The Pampered Chef


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Out Of Classroom Spoonsavers (Part 5-Helping Your EDS Child)

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Out Of Classroom Spoonsavers (Part 5-Helping Your EDS Child)

Out Of Classroom Spoonsavers

Today we will discuss tools and adaptations aka “spoonsavers” your child may want to use outside the classroom.

A rolling backpack and a pass to take it from class to class. 

rolling zebra backpack 1

It is recommended to make sure the handle releases properly without a struggle, can be set at a height comfortable for your child, and that the wheels move well and are secure.  (All problems we have experienced).

Some handles are a t-shape and seem to be harder for some children to grasp.  There are many styles available and can be found at about any larger retail store.  (I just thought the zebra print was fun for an example).

Having the wheeled backpack eases quite a bit of strain on your child’s shoulders, back, and wrists, saving their spoons for other activities.

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Classroom Spoonsavers (Part 4- Helping Your EDS Child)

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Classroom Spoonsavers (Part 4- Helping Your EDS Child)

Classroom Spoonsavers

This post is designed to share some of the in classroom “spoonsavers” you can use to make each school day a little less painful.  You can find writing “spoonsavers” here and out of classroom spoonsavers here.

Not every child will need these classroom spoonsavers (adaptations).  Please pick and choose what is best for your child.

If you and your child can suggest any ideas that are not listed, please do so in the comments section of this post.

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Spoonsavers for Writing

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Spoonsavers For Writing

Part 3- Helping Your EDS Child

Or anyone with writing challenges.

Spoonsavers For Writing

One of the biggest challenges our children face everyday is the amount of writing required for school.  We have tried multiple “spoonsavers” and are looking into trying others.  None of them remove all the pain, but some of them seem to help.  I can’t guarantee which options will work best for you, but we would like to share as many as possible.  Starting with the least expensive and building up.

This post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you.  After we began the Zippy (and this article was first written) we added a program to help offset the cost of running a blog.  This does not affect our content or the free reading and info; it just allows us to help pay for a few of the things we need to stay running efficiently.

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Tips to Help Prepare For an IEP or 504

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Tips to Help Preapre for an IEP or 504 for your EDS Child

How do you prepare for an IEP or 504?

You are your child biggest advocate and you need to approach your school prepared.

Some schools, like ours, are great and will work with you.

Some schools, well…let’s just say they may be a bit more challenging.

This is where being prepared comes in.  If you are just learning about your child’s challenges just imagine how overwhelmed and lost the school staff may feel.

So…. get organized, get educated and get prepared!

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Helping Your EDS Child (Part 1- IEP and 504 Resources)

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Helping Your EDS Child (Part 1-Resources)

Zippy Help Your EDS Child Succeed in School IEP VS 504


First of all, this series is to help all parents with a physically challenged child.  EDS is simply the challenge we are the most familiar with and I try not to offer advice I know nothing about… I will leave that to guest posts and reference groups.

In this series, we want to share things you can do at home and school to help your child succeed.

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