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The purpose of  The Zippy Zebra is to share “spoonsavers”, testimonials, and helpful tools to help EDSers and other physically challenged individuals to live a happier, easier, less painful, more productive life.

I began this blog with no plans to monetize it but with some of the costs involved in hosting link-ups, domain names, hosting and other fees I have decided to use one method of monetization to offset those cost.

I will not use paid advertising or pop-ups that receive reimbursement.  But I will be using “affiliate links” for items I am already recommending (when applicable).  This means I will receive a tiny percentage from some of the links you click on and make a purchase from at NO additional cost to you.

If at some point The Zippy Zebra begins to pay for itself I will split the excess in a reserve for the blog and donate the rest to EDS research.  I will also keep you informed as I celebrate the donation amount each time.

This will not change what I write about or how I write about it.  I will only suggest items which might be beneficial to each of us.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this or anything else on The Zippy Zebra please send me an email.  My sole purpose for this blog is to fulfill the calling I had to help others by sharing shortcuts I have learned, linking to other blogs and websites, to spread awareness and simply to offer hope to those struggling.

I will also not post things I know nothing about.  I will leave these for guest post or attached links.

This is NOT a medical blog and we will not offer medical advice of any kind.  Before trying some ideas we suggest thinking about your personal needs as everything listed here is not for everyone.  When necessary ask your doctor or medical professional.

I hope you enjoy The Zippy Zebra as much as I enjoy sharing it and I look forward to getting to know each and everyone one of you.

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