Clone Parent Wanted

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Note:  This was written during a small breakdown tonight when I should have been doing other things so it may have been a bit rambly.

We are currently taking applications for a clone (of me).

Applicants must:

Be willing to stay up until ALL hours with teenage children while they are struggling with various health issues AND still function the following day to assist and drive other children where needed (personal health issues or not).

Be able to schedule and remember the details of a minimum of 5 phone calls to specialists, therapists, and doctors per week.  WHILE scheduling appointments 6 months out and remembering when your spouse will be on nights or out of town for a week at a time AND what school schedules are so that a minimum number of days can be missed.

Be able to drop everything at a moment’s notice when doctors call to reschedule for an immediate visit.

Be able to rush to the ER at a moment’s notice AND have everything said child will need already in a bag (braces, meds, appropriate drinks and snacks, neck supports, electronics, phone numbers, chargers, etc…)  AND everything prepared for other children to take care of themselves during said ER visit.

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