Online Support Groups

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Ehlers Danlos Support

Ehlers Danlos Awareness

Ehlers Danlos Support Group

Ehlers Danlos Christian Support Group

EDS-Zebras Need Zebras

Beyond the Measurement * Chiari, EDS & Chiari w/EDS * Support Group

Chronic Pain-We are in this Together

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome-Friendship & Advice Group

Inspiring Zebras (EDS,POTS and other Chronic Illnesses)

Celebrating Each Day, Each Project, Each Accomplishment at a time.-Encouraging you to do the little things in life others may take for granted

Postural Orthostatic Cardio Syndrome

Zebra Artist-This is for EDS Artists

Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Disorders-Integrative and Holistic Approach


Zoo Keepers-Caretakers of Loved Ones with EDS  Caretakers Only Please

Zebra Angels and Rainbows-EDS Pregnancy Loss Support

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