16 Income Earning Ideas


 Income Earning Ideas You Can Build On

Please realize that as much as I would like this post to apply to everyone and their physical challenges.

It is not possible.

I tried.

Here is a list of short term income earning ideas that can be expanded to continue earning throughout the year.

All of them require some kind of physical activity, but most require “limited” time on your feet and allow you to control your own hours.

Most suggestions require little to no start-up costs.

1. )  Offer Gift Wrapping- If you are good with scissors, tape and wrapping gifts, this might be for you.

  • Decide your prices.  Will you charge by the hour, package, group?  If you are furnishing any supplies, be sure to include these in your fee.  (You should have your own tape, scissors, etc… on hand.)
  • Make a list of supplies they will need to furnish.
  • Let your family and friends know that you are offering this service.
  • Look on-line for cool, new, innovative ways to wrap.
  • Make some mock packages, gift towers, etc… for others to see.
  • Take photos of your work and post on Facebook or other social media so that people know you are serious.
  • Ask friends and family to share using social media and word of mouth.
  • Keep an album of completed jobs.

Do You Love to Decorate/Draw/Paint?

2.)  Be a personal holiday decorator.  Offer to decorate homes for the holidays or everyday.  The tree, mantel, yard, entire home, etc… 

  • Set your prices.  Will you charge by the job or hour?  Will you shop for decor or only use items they have on hand?
  • Let everyone know what you are offering.
  • Decorate your home or a friends, and take photos to share on social media.
  • Ask satisfied clients if you can share their photos and testimonials to further your business.
  • Keep a digital album of completed projects.

3.)  Decorate Windows for Local Businesses- Offer to decorate the windows in your local businesses.  (Think outside the box.  Lots of businesses want to catch attention, and this is a great way to do it.)  Use glass paint, window markers or any other medium they offer.

  • Create a book and/or digital website with items you will offer to draw for the window.  (Example:  My parents own a car repair shop and previously sold Wheelhorse lawnmowers.  I am trying to design a snowman and lawnmower/car combo for their window.)
  • Consider the businesses you will be addressing and come up with designs specifically geared to them, as well as basic Season’s Greetings and Merry Christmas ideas.  Look on-line for inspiration.
  • Decide on a price/charge rate based on the design and window size.
  • Sign your windows and leave business cards at the completed site.
  • Ask friends and family to spread the word.
  • Offer to do a few “volunteer” windows for friends, family or not-for-profit organizations, to get the word out.

4.)  Decorate Trees, Offices, Yards, Etc… for Local Businesses

  • Create a book and/or digital website with completed projects.  Many times cities will offer cash prizes to business who decorate for the holidays.  Do your research and include the information in your sales pitch.
  • Consider the businesses you will be addressing, and come up with designs specifically geared to them.  Check on-line for inspiration.
  • Decide on a price/charge rate.
  • Ask friends and family to spread the word.
  • Offer to do a few “volunteer” jobs for friends, family or not-for-profit organizations, to get the word out.
  • Leave your cards in businesses with completed decor.

5.)  Become a greeter- Walmart and other stores always hire extra help at this time of year, but this only works if you can remain on your feet and take the cold.  (Be prepared to have your hours reduced or switched to another job description after the holidays.)

6.)  Become a personal shopper.  Many people are unable to get out due to small children, sick parents, or personal handicaps and will happily pay someone to run even the smallest errands.  Some people just like to a have a companion when shopping, need a second opinion, or simply do not want to face the crowds.  You could be this person (some things can be accomplished on-line.)

7.)  Be Santa, Mrs. Claus or an Elf for stores, businesses, or personal parties.  If you are great with kids and do not mind crowds, this is perfect.  You can set your hours and control the time on your feet (for the most part).

  • Decide your fees.
  • Acquire a costume.  (This may cost a bit.)
  • Take photos in costume and share on social media.

8.)  Offer to clean offices or homes for the holidays.  Many people have guests for the holidays and like to have their homes deep cleaned (or cleaned at all), and with shopping, parties and vacations they do not have time If you are capable and enjoy cleaning, this might be the job for you.  The best part is you can set your parameters.  Kitchen and living areas only, no bathrooms, no windows, no pets, etc…  

  • Let friends and family know via social media.
  • Create a will and won’t do list.
  • Set your prices

9.)  Babysit- Offer to babysit while parents shop or attend evening parties.  “Group” babysitting is great.  Grab a friend or two and let a group of parents know that you will have several people available, to watch multiple children.  This will mean more income (you do have to split it with your friends) in less time, and will very likely bring in more clients.

Plan a snack, movies and activities for the kids.  The kids will enjoy it more, be easier to watch (usually) with more kids to play with and will probably beg Mom and Dad to bring them back.

10.)  Pet Sit- In your home or theirs.  Many homeowners do not want to kennel their pets or have pets that cannot be kenneled (fish, iguanas, etc…).  What could be easier than feeding a few fish?  You probably won’t get rich, but extra cash is extra cash.

11.)  House Sit- Most people do not want the hassle of stopping the mail and newspaper or leave their lights on all day.  They are more than happy to pay a small fee to have you water their plants, take out the trash, grab the newspaper and mail, change the lights out, etc….  This could last for two days or a month, and could bring in pocket cash or a nice little check.

12.)  Stay with the elderly, bed-bound or physically challenged individuals, so that the main caregiver can run to the store, attend a party, go on vacation or “just take a day”.  This could take as little as thirty minutes, and may provide just the relief a caregiver needs.  Individuals who can go out in public on a “regular” shopping day, may not be able to experience the noise, traffic and crowd of a holiday shopping trip.

13.)  Sell items for yourself or your family and friends, for a commission.

  • Ebay
  • Etsy (handmade items)
  • Consignment store
  • Facebook (local garage sale sites)
  • Craigslist

14.)  Create gifts for teachers, parties, neighbors, etc…

This does require a little start up (unless you get a deposit).  If funds are tight, I suggest only purchasing enough for the initial order, and then reinvesting the funds from that order for the next, etc….

15.)  Plan and/or decorate for office/business/children’s/personal parties (not cooking, unless you have food license).  You can offer everything from planning, to shopping, to decorating, to clean up, depending on how much you feel comfortable doing.

16.)  Make handmade items or baked goods and offer them for sale on social media.  (Check local laws for food licenses and if they are needed.)

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