A Cell Phone, A Blizzard, A Freezer, and Brain Fog

I am sure you find yourself wondering what exactly a cell phone, a blizzard, a freezer and brain fog have in common.


The "evidence" frozen in place.

The “evidence” frozen in place.

 (Sorry about the rough photo.)

As many of you know I have been quite absent from the blog the past month or so.  I apologize for that and expect to begin regularly (on schedule) beginning January 2nd.

What you might not know is that I have been struggling with my own EDS, and even more time consuming (and draining) the health of my youngest daughter.   Thankfully, we are beginning to find answers and she has become more stable and stronger in the past few weeks.

We have begun new medications, changes in diet and activity and she is now home schooled (again).  This seems to help her immensely but tends to absorb more of my time and energy so I have taken the month of December to begin creating posts in advance for January and I am excited to share what I have in mind.  I hope that some of you find them helpful.

To be honest the health and home issues have not been the only thing holding me back but a fear of not being helpful or understood.  I posted about it here on my other blog (which I have been ignoring too).

I am not ready to share my kitchen posts quite yet but I do want to share how a cell phone, a blizzard, a freezer and brain fog have come together in quite a funny but embarrassing story.

Monday of this past week my family took a trip to Shriner’s Hospital in St. Louis to pick up my daughters’ new inserts and SI belt.   Due to the fact it is a LONG drive, it is close to Christmas and St. Louis is full of new and different stores I promised to go shopping and out to eat with the girls before heading home.

This makes for a long day even when I am in tip top shape but on this particular day I, of course, had a  headache, chest and back pain.  A nasty combination when traveling 5 hours or more in a car and sitting in a hospital for hours.

Needless to say my brain was less than functioning when we hit the edge of our small town at 9:0pm and it was time to begin picking up the loose items in our car.  I set my cell phone on the center cup holder, placed the lid on my half eaten DQ Oreo blizzard, and gathered the loose bottles and cups with no further thought than getting home and heading to bed.

I came home, shoved my leftover blizzard in the freezer (like a responsible Mom should do), pulled the extra long spoon out (without removing the lid) and closed the freezer.  Feeling proud of myself for not wasting it or leaving it to my husband.

I awoke to my family hunting for my phone.

My phone is always being misplaced so I wasn’t overly concerned with finding it immediately but after the 3rd alarm and everyone opening and reopening the freezer, trash can, food bags from yesterday and searching the floor. I told them not to worry….we always find it.

By the time I was helping search the alarm had gone off 3 times more times and was obviously coming from the kitchen area.

So, of course, we were all racking our brains for where it could be.

On the other hand, we had a echo appointment and needed to get ready so I began to get ready and let it drop while I finished getting dressed.

When the freezer vibrated the tenth time my brilliant daughter actually removed my leftover, lid on, DQ Oreo blizzard because it was uhhhh…yep, you got it!VIBRATING!

I had dropped my phone in it  (in the car, in the dark), put the lid on and stuck it the freezer.

After 12 hours in freezer, frosted keys, 13 wipe downs and a clorox wipe cleanse.

It still works!

 Thank goodness for my Samsung Construction Grade Flip Phone from AT & T.

I have been using it for the past 9 days without any problems.

Anyone else have a great brain fog story?  Feel free to share in the comment section.

When you are done laughing feel free to leave your charming remarks about my air-headedness below too.

The "evidence" frozen in place.

The “evidence” frozen in place.



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