Helping Your EDS Child (Part 1- IEP and 504 Resources)

Helping Your EDS Child (Part 1-Resources)

Zippy Help Your EDS Child Succeed in School IEP VS 504


First of all, this series is to help all parents with a physically challenged child.  EDS is simply the challenge we are the most familiar with and I try not to offer advice I know nothing about… I will leave that to guest posts and reference groups.

In this series, we want to share things you can do at home and school to help your child succeed.

As a parent with EDS myself, I know I struggle EVERYDAY with the basics.  Then toss in my teenage daughters and their physical and emotional needs and it can bring me to the edge.

There are several resources available and rather than repeat everything they say I am going to share their links and websites in one place.  As this series progresses I will be breaking those ideas (and new ones) into smaller, easy to read sections.

We, personally, have only 504s in place for my daughters since they do not need their learning material altered. They are A level students, but they need physical adaptations to make it through an entire school day and to complete assignments with limited pain and difficulty.

The following link will help you decide if you need a 504 or an IEP (if you are still uncertain contact your school).

The first thing you need to know when approaching your school is the difference between a 504 and an IEP.  Both are programs to help the school give your child the best learning environment they can.  The school is required by law to help you create a plan when you furnish the proper documentation.

What is the Difference between an IEP and504 Plan?

The follow links can provide you with information and support.

What is an IEP?  As described by The National Learning Center for Disabilities

Five Things to Know About a 504 Plan for K–12 Students As given by The National Learning Center for Disabilities

EDNF:  An Educator’s and Parent’s Guide To  Meeting the Needs of An Ehler’s Danlos Child This is a printable comprehensive 20 page booklet.  I believe you can order copies as well.

Add:  Chronic Pain Partners also offers this EDS specific printable for teachers (parent’s can learn from it,too.)

In order to help your child achieve in school, you as a parent, must be prepared.

Some of you of may still be reeling from the new realization and diagnoses that this is a lifelong, ever evolving problem; while others may be pros at it but looking for new ways to help with ever-changing problems.

I am going to say up front:  The hardest part of being a parent with a physically challenged child is the pain.

We do not offer a solution for that-only your doctors can.  We can offer suggestions to help save your child’s spoons” and avoid pain triggers.

That is what this series is about.  As a parent I pray for a magic wand to wave and take the pain, nausea, headaches and stress away from my girls but so far it is a no go.

Instead I brainstorm and search the web for ways to make each day more manageable without medication or surgery.

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