Jerik, “The Alphabet Soup Kid”

April is Autism Awareness Month

In honor of this we are sharing “Real Life Stories of Daily Life and People with Autism”

Jerik, “The Alphabet Soup Kid”

as written by his mother.

Jerik The Alphabet Soup Kid 2

We call Jerik our “Alphabet Soup Kid”.

Aspergers (HFA)  ADHD   OCD   SPD  EFD

These are all letters that when strung together describe what his brain goes through on a daily basis. They are a part of him. He is incredibly funny and has a very quirky sense of humor.

Just this morning when stretching he remarked that his armpit hair made it look like his armpit had a beard.

Yes, we hear oddball comments like that and laugh all of the time.

The HFA (High Functioning Autism, formerly Aspergers) makes him quirky and smart.  He gets mad when we call him Sheldon Cooper.

The ADHD makes him fidget and daydream constantly.

The OCD is the worst for me as a parent because he is an obsessive hand washer. Once he even washed his calculator because it fell on the floor.

The SPD (sensory processing disorder) makes me carry earplugs in my purse and van at all times.

The EFD (Executive Functioning Disorder) makes my incredibly smart child forget to turn in homework and unable to prioritize tasks so the kid who could be getting straight A’s is a solid B/C student at the moment.

All of these things together make him the person he is. I wouldn’t change most of it for the world. We are trying to work on the OCD and EFD, but the rest are major parts of who he is. Overall he is a happy, healthy kid who doesn’t seem to care what the other kids think about him and that is what I admire most. After all of the bullying I went through as a kid myself I never dreamed that my child would be the one to teach me how to deal with it.

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