Kitchen Tricks To Make Things Easier

Kitchen Tricks to Make Things Easier

Who would like to spend a little less time in the kitchen OR use the time you have in there just a little better?

As I have said before one of my biggest everyday struggles is the kitchen.

I love to cook, organize and clean but very often just a few movements in the kitchen can send my pain level skyrocketing and my productivity plummeting.

I have all shared some tips in our previous posts.

Here are just a few more I couldn’t live without.

1.)  Ask your significant other or children to set needed items on the counter in advance.

Smaller children can save you from bending while taller children/significant others can reach for the things up high.

This may mean that the non-perishable ingredients for supper sit on the counter from breakfast until dinnertime (but it will assist you in making dinner).

2.)  Keep regularly needed items in easy to reach locations.

This may mean more items on the counter but I have found it is so much easier to function.

Example:  I have limited counter space but I still keep my utensils in crocks next to my stove.

3.)  Keep your kitchen organized! 

This imperative.

If you are required to hunt for something not only does it increase the time and pain to look for it but in also increases your frustration and that can your pain level as well as your blood pressure.

I will be sharing some great organizing tools and ideas in my next post.

4.)  Use a toaster oven for small quick meals or reheats.

It cooks twice as fast as the oven and you don’t need to stand over it.

4.)  Use the microwave to reheat, thaw, melt and even cook some items.

5.)  Use your crock pot.

I don’t know what I would do without mine.

It allows me to cook homemade fresh meals without rushing home or standing over the stove.

Here are some other great ideas.

Kitchen Shortcuts

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