Get The Word Out Wednesday #4-2014


Get the Word Out Wednesday

Hello everyone!  I am back.

I have to apologize for being absent for the past two weeks, with everything going on in my life I did not realize it had been two weeks since I posted or checked in through anything but facebook.

Just a little update on my world.

  I know I have a “anticipated” schedule I had hope to adhere too but the recent setback of my own health and my daughters put a damper on that plan.

I will be back in force in January.

If you missed the last link-up feel free to check it out here.

We will be hosting a “Get the Word Out Wednesday” Link-up EVERY  Wednesday for blogs featuring articles that will help those with a  chronic illness.

This linkup is not only for zebras but ANYONE with a chronic illness that has a personal story, help (allergen-free recipes, ideas), adaptation ideas, testimonial or anything that would be helpful or encouraging to others, (even sharing a day in your life).

The idea of the “Get The Word Out”   link-up is to spread the word about our illnesses, adaptations, short-cuts, tools, articles, stories, etc… and support each other during this sometimes lonely journey.

Bloggers struggling with pain and challenges can visit other sites, while non-bloggers can find others like them and follow along while offering encouragement to one another.

I LOVE fun crafty, save money, anything goes linkups but the “Get The Word Out” Link-up is not one of those.  We will have a few rules to keep the links useful and uplifting to our readers.


1.)  Blog Links must be family friendly and link to a post.  Not a home page.  You may link up to 3 posts in one link-up party.

2.)  The links used can offer personal stories of your life with a chronic illness, pain, handicap, physical challenge or invisible illness.  Income earning ideas for those with physical challenges (not promoting her downline specifically-it must be an actual post sharing what it is how and it helped you.)  Tools (splints, braces, grabbers, kitchen tools, etc… that heave helped you in some way to “adapt” to your challenge (illness), recipes adapted to deal with an allergy, articles on helping a child with physical or mental challenges (diet, behavior, sensory, ADD, ADHD, etc…), articles on awareness, information, compiled useful lists, etc…

3.)  If you are a reader and do not have a blog but would like to offer an article you feel would be helpful.  Just leave the name or a link in the comments and our readers can look it up and I will contact them about joining our link-up.  (Hopefully as word spreads we were have an abundance of articles to offer.)


 New To Link-ups?

Bloggers here’s how:

1.)  At the bottom of this post you will find a blue button that says “Add Your Link”.  Click on it.

2.)  Follow the instructions on the next page.   Please remember to link to a specific post and not your main page.  (We encourage readers to explore your page but do not want them to get frustrated and quit looking if they cannot find the article they originally wished to link to.)

3.)  Stop by a few of the other blogs and leave a note of encouragement on the articles you enjoyed.  Feel free to mention that you were sent there through this linkup.  ( To encourage them to link-up again.)

4.)  Please link back to The Zippy Zebra.  I do not have a special button yet but feel free to use the icon at the top with an embedded link OR a simple text link will do.  (If you dont know how please message me and we can walk through it.)

5.)  Tweet, Pin, Google +, Facebook and Share this Link-up everywhere.  The idea is to “Get The Word Out”.


1.)  Click on any of the links below and you will be taken to the blog or story you are interested in.  While there we encourage you browse the site and leave an encouraging comment, sign-up for email updates or “LIKE” their page to follow them on Facebook or any other media.

2.)  Blogger receive encouragement through comments both on the site and on their FaceBook Page.   Blogging seems like an easy task but any of us who do so regularly can tell it far from it.   The only way we know we are reaching anyone is through the comment section so please drop a line of encouragement today.  Share how an article touched you, tell them how you found them (through The Zippy Zebra Link-up), or even “Just Great Job, Thanks for Sharing”.  (Letting them know that you found them here will encourage them to share more articles next week and continue linking up.)

3.)  I enjoy encouragement too and would love to hear comments and suggestion in our comment section below!  (BTW if it asks for a website and you do not have one just skip that section it is for those looking for a backtrack not our great readers).

Enjoy our “Getting The Word Out” Link-up #3

Thanks for stopping by!

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  • By Amy, December 3, 2014 @ 10:12 am

    My son has a milk allergy (discovered by eosinophil esophagitis) and I am looking for easy (like crockpot), family-friendly recipes that are 100% cows’ milk free. He cannot even have milk that is “baked” in or products that contain milk. Thanks in advance!

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