Sharing Sunday Link Up #35


Welcome to Sharing Sunday Link Up #35.

It has been an interesting week here at the Zippy, to say the least.  Not one, single, boring day here but that seems to be the life of those with multiple chronic illnesses.  We began the week with a blow transformer in our front yard on Saturday and a good size grill fire on Sunday.  Then little #1 developed a nasty virus, and I developed a migraine from lack of sleep, trying to make sure she could breathe.  Toss in our babysitting charges and the usual EDS fun and I am ready to start a NEW week for sure.  How about you?

How was your week?  What exciting things happened in your life that you could share?  What is something positive?  We managed to spend the day rummaging and thrifting for a much needed stroller and homecoming dress despite the ongoing headache and back pain, AND we found both in great condition and within our price range so WIN! WIN! here.  What can you celebrate?

Sharing Sunday Link Up #35

“Sharing Sunday” Link-up is available EVERY Sunday for blogs featuring articles that will help those with a chronic illness.

This linkup is not only for the chronically ill, but for everyone that has a personal story that offers help (allergen-free recipes and ideas), adaptation ideas, testimonials or anything that would be helpful or encouraging to others, (even sharing a day in your life).

The idea of the “Sharing Sunday” link-up is to spread the word about our illnesses, adaptations, short-cuts, tools, articles, stories, recipes, income earning ideas, etc… and to support each other during this sometimes, lonely journey.

Bloggers struggling with pain and challenges can visit other sites, while non-bloggers can find others like them and follow along in addition to finding recipes, tips and adaptations that may help.

I LOVE fun, crafty, anything goes linkups, but the “Sharing Sunday” Link-up is not one of those.  If you want to share something fun and crafty check out our Sharing Saturday Link Up at Treasured Tidbits.

We will have a few guidelines to keep the links useful and uplifting to our readers.

Bloggers before linking up please follow our guidelines found here.

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