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Out Of Classroom Spoonsavers (Part 5-Helping Your EDS Child)

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Out Of Classroom Spoonsavers (Part 5-Helping Your EDS Child)

Out Of Classroom Spoonsavers

Today we will discuss tools and adaptations aka “spoonsavers” your child may want to use outside the classroom.

A rolling backpack and a pass to take it from class to class. 

rolling zebra backpack 1

It is recommended to make sure the handle releases properly without a struggle, can be set at a height comfortable for your child, and that the wheels move well and are secure.  (All problems we have experienced).

Some handles are a t-shape and seem to be harder for some children to grasp.  There are many styles available and can be found at about any larger retail store.  (I just thought the zebra print was fun for an example).

Having the wheeled backpack eases quite a bit of strain on your child’s shoulders, back, and wrists, saving their spoons for other activities.

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