Spread Awareness For E.D.S. (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) With an Awareness Window

EDS Awareness Bear Window

I must apologize for disappearing again but my daughter had another of her episodes and then life got in the way again so I have let the posts here slide for a bit but we are back and ready to help you get psyched up for EDS Awareness Month in May!

Our last awareness post suggested keeping a jar and collecting change with the motto “Change For EDS” on a yearly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.  You can learn more about that here.

Today we want to suggest something that reaches a MUCH wider group of people.

Tips on Creating Awareness Windows

Where can you create an awareness window?

Any downtown shop you are willing to ask and receive permission to use.

A local doctor’s office.

A business with glass counters.

Your own home (the photo above was taken in our front room window as a preparation for what we want to do in our downtown)

EDS Awareness WIndow 2

What should you put in an awareness window?

Anything you feel would share the concept or idea of what your chosen theme is, how it affects everyday life, signs and symptoms, etc…

Make sure all the information your are providing is accurate and up-to-date.

You want the window to draw attention and share information without it being too cluttered or overwhelming.

Be sure to include a website or pamphlets for more information as well as local contact info if there is a group in your area.


How did we create these awareness windows?

Bear Window:EDS Awareness Bear Window

We only used items we had on hand with the addition of a zebra sheet for the tablecloth.

  • Oversized Stuffed Bear
  • Outgrown braces
  • Empty pill bottles (with labels removed)
  • Bottle of water (because we have POTS too)
  • Apple (Because it keeps the doctor away, LOL)
  • Hot pink Ace Wrap (Used)
  • Fun Ice Pack on his head
  • An outgrown wheelchair (any chair would do)
  • Pre-painted wooden letters we purchased at a local craft store
  • Printed computer paper with the “Change For EDS Logo” and Website


Letter Window (Perfect for a Flat Surface)EDS Awareness WIndow 2

This window was simple and very inexpensive to create and can be created in almost any space (large or small).

  • Felt letters from any craft department (paper letters would work too)
  • Zebra scrapbook paper (to accent the letters)
  • Any solid colored fabric (ironed and dirt free)
  • Tape
  • Printed computer paper with the “Change For EDS Logo” and Website.  (You can use any EDS site you would like.)


We would love to see your creations and hear what you think of ours!

Feel free to share them at https://www.facebook.com/ChangeforEDS or in our comments below.

and remember

Sharing is Caring

 Share this post to encourage others to create awareness and spread the word online.

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