33+ Ways To Spread E.D.S. Awareness


33 Ways to Spread Awareness

33+Ways to Spread E.D.S. Awareness

Awareness Ideas

Create an Awareness Window: You can use window markers to create something quick and simple OR create a scene inside.  Tips can be found here.

  • Create an Awareness Sign for your yard (Be sure to add one of the websites for people to find further info)

EDS Yard Sign

  • Handout Awareness cards
  • Hang flyers
  • Use a press release to contact your local media- you can share your story, an event, or the basic press release.
  • Participate in The EDS Awareness Stripe Challenge on Facebook
  • Wear your EDS wardrobe and share with others why you wear stripes
  • Contact other EDSers in your area and plan a get together to motivate everyone.  Take pictures and share them with your local media OR invite the media to attend.
  • Take your picture with a zebra and share on social media.
  • Paint zebra stripes on your face and share on social media with a quote.
  • Create an EDS Wreath or Sign for your desk, door or place of work.

DIY EDS Awareness Wreath Courtesy of Sarah Davis

  • Share a photo of your medical supplies on Facebook like M. Innis did here.

Monica's Braces for EDS Awareness Photo

  • Have your family and friends take a photo with you and add the caption “I love someone with EDS” and share it on social media.
  • Share an EDS logo as your icon for the month of May.

We Rock EDS Awareness Photo

  • Set up a table during a local event and share info on EDS.  Flyers, signs, banners,etc…
  • Offer services during a local event in your area and charge a small fee with the donations going to EDS research.  (Facepainting, cookies, handmade jewelry, magnets, etc…)
  • Distribute EDS awareness items:  Ribbons, magnets, pamphlets, bumper stickers, etc…

EDS Awareness Ribbons from Sarah Blog Photo

  • Wear EDS awareness items:  Such as the “Ask Me About E.D.S.” shirt found here.  Zebra necklaces, rings, bracelets, ribbons, etc…

Ask me about EDS tina


EDS Fundraiser Ideas

  • Bake Sale
  • Garage Sale
  • Walk/Run/Jog/Ride/Bike/Roll/Tumble/Skate/Dance for EDS
  • Host a Mini-Carnival
  • Serve a benefit meal
  • Host a Raffle
  • Set collection cans up at your local stores/office
  • Create a jar and collect change at home for the month of April and May, donate when full or at the end of the campaign.  We do this monthly.  Click here for details.

CHange FOr EDS

  • Car Wash
  • Create items to sell and donate the profits (My daughter creates zebra stripe bracelets from loomy bands and sells them for $1.00-$2.00 then donates the proceeds to research with our monthly change jar amount).
  • Fishing Tournament
  • Knit/Sew/Crochet a thon
  • Scrapbook party
  • Craft show (Booth rent goes to EDS fundraising).  Host a raffle and dinner while having the craft show
  • Silent Auction
  • On-line Auction
  • Regular Auction
  • Ask a local business to donate a % of the month’s/week’s/day’s profits (Provide them with proper forms for donation credit)

Please share any other ideas, tips or photos by commenting below or emailing me at thezippyzebra@outlook.com


We would like to offer a collage, slideshow or video at the end of May featuring ways our readers spread awareness in 2016.  If you use ANY of these ideas or others PLEASE submit a photo to us at thezippyzebra@outlook.com


Please direct any questions about submissions here.


  • By Hannah @Sunshine and Spoons, May 3, 2016 @ 4:33 pm

    Love this list! Pinning for future reference 🙂

  • By TinaMiller, May 3, 2016 @ 5:53 pm

    Great! I have been adding to it daily (hence the plus) as others submit ideas. Please feel free to share if you have any.

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