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Spoonsavers for Writing

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Spoonsavers For Writing

Part 3- Helping Your EDS Child

Or anyone with writing challenges.

Spoonsavers For Writing

One of the biggest challenges our children face everyday is the amount of writing required for school.  We have tried multiple “spoonsavers” and are looking into trying others.  None of them remove all the pain, but some of them seem to help.  I can’t guarantee which options will work best for you, but we would like to share as many as possible.  Starting with the least expensive and building up.

This post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you.  After we began the Zippy (and this article was first written) we added a program to help offset the cost of running a blog.  This does not affect our content or the free reading and info; it just allows us to help pay for a few of the things we need to stay running efficiently.

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