Tools For Prepping Food In the Kitchen With a Physical Challenge

I am certain we all have special “tools” we use in our kitchen to make cooking easier.

One of the most common questions I hear is “How can you….?”

This is the first in a short series of kitchen adaptations and tools I use to enable my time and energy to stretch just a little farther

My top tools for prepping

1.  Counter height bar stool

I do not use it every time I cook but it is extremely handy when my legs, ankles, hips or lower back will not let me stand.   I use it when cooking, prepping, doing dishes, etc…

2.  Jar or lid opener

There is a enormous variety available from the rubbery lid gripper therapy gave my daughter to the Pampered Chef version I use to open 2 liters and break the seal on pasta jars.

4.  Plastic gloves

My skin is sensitive therefore I keep disposable gloves for handling meat and elbow length gloves for prepping fruits, vegetables, etc…

3.  Fat handled knife

Once again the one I own came from Pampered Chef but as I have found when I use a thin handled knife I have difficulty gripping and maintaining any force.

4.  Multiple Small Cutting Boards

This enables me to prep multiple items without cross-contamination or stopping to wash each board in between.

5.  Apple wedger with strong thick easy to grip sides

We previously owned a wedger with thin metal sides and NONE of us could force it through an apple without harming ourselves.

6.  Chopper

We own a great chopper that requires repetitive hand slamming motions, no so good for hand problems.

I was thrilled when we purchased this fantastic chopper recently.   It still requires hand motion but creates a fine chop very quickly and can chop a variety of items at once.

7.   Fat handled measuring cups.

Once again gripping is so much easier with a fat handle.

8.  Plastic, plastic, plastic.

Glass is beautiful but ends up in tiny pieces on the floor way while plastic tens to bounce.  Besides it weighs quite a bit more than plastic and is more difficult to carry, wash, serve and put away.

9.  Stand up mixer

I love, love, love mine even though it is second hand and takes up counter space.

Holding a hand mixer while waiting for the ingredients mix commits murder on my wrist not to mention my lower back and shoulders.

The standing mixer allows me to move, step away or even multi task.

10.  Electric can opener

I am currently doing without but when I still had one it was a God send.  Now I quite frequently need to ask my husband and children to open cans for me.

Due to a “flare” and the inability to be overly mobile this post is missing photos but no worries as soon as I am able we will be adding those with links to similar items in our post.

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