Tips to Help Prepare For an IEP or 504

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Tips to Help Preapre for an IEP or 504 for your EDS Child

How do you prepare for an IEP or 504?

You are your child biggest advocate and you need to approach your school prepared.

Some schools, like ours, are great and will work with you.

Some schools, well…let’s just say they may be a bit more challenging.

This is where being prepared comes in.  If you are just learning about your child’s challenges just imagine how overwhelmed and lost the school staff may feel.

So…. get organized, get educated and get prepared!

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Helping Your EDS Child (Part 1- IEP and 504 Resources)

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Helping Your EDS Child (Part 1-Resources)

Zippy Help Your EDS Child Succeed in School IEP VS 504


First of all, this series is to help all parents with a physically challenged child.  EDS is simply the challenge we are the most familiar with and I try not to offer advice I know nothing about… I will leave that to guest posts and reference groups.

In this series, we want to share things you can do at home and school to help your child succeed.

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10+ Things to Do When Stuck on Your Bum With No Hands

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10+ Things to Do When Stuck on Your Bum with No Hands FB

As much as I would love to pretend that I have some amazing ideas for “What To Do When You Are Stuck On Your Bum With No Hands”.

I don’t.

Some of the items below are repeats from the post 30+ Things to Do when Stuck On Your Bum (a.k.a. Bedrest) with hands free adaptations.

I will, however, list the items that were suggested in hopse that others will share their ideas in the comment section or through email.

I know I personally cannot tolerate being idle and I swear even when I’m asleep my mind runs at 5,000 miles per hour, so no hands becomes VERY depressing for me and yes, I have been there.

10+ Things to Do When Stuck on Your Bum With No Hands

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30+ Things to Do when Stuck On Your Bum (a.k.a. Bed rest)

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30+ Things to Do WHen Stuck On Your Bum AKA Bed rest FB

30+ Things to Do When Stuck on Your Bum aka Bed Rest

How many of you have been knocked off your feet because you ran out of spoons, over did it, had surgery, dislocated a joint, had a complicated pregnancy or suffered some other set back?

Being stuck off your feet, unable to work and take care of yourself, your house and your family can leave you feeling very depressed.

It gives you lots of time to think about the pain and problems in your life.

This post has been created to help combat those feelings.

I actually have a list and small basket of items I allow to accumulate to work on whenever I am forced off my feet (which happens a lot).  The last few years I have learned to save my sanity by doing physical things first and setting aside the less pressing/easy to do/sitting things at the end of the day or when I am required to bed rest.

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Top 3 Tools I Use To Make Everyday Cleaning Easier

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My Top 3 Cleaning ToolsWelcome to The ZIPPY ZEBRA’S first post!  We are so excited to have you!

For starters let me introduce myself.

I am Tina M. and struggle with the pain associated with EDS type 3, daily.

To find out more about me, EDS and why I began this blog click HERE and HERE.

I have spent months trying to sort through all the information I want to share and have finally decided to make the first post very simple.

The Top 3 Tools I Use To Make Everyday Cleaning Easier (especially when I am in pain or not functioning properly).

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