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One Woman’s Rise Above E.D.S.

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One Woman's Rise Above E.D.S.

One Woman’s Rise Above E.D.S.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  Three ugly little words that changed my life, took everything from me, erased years of work and struggle, took away my identity.  Three words that gave me a new life, new purpose, a new appreciation for every day.

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Get The Word Out Wednesday-Week 2-2014

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Welcome to our second Get The Word Out Wednesday Link-up.

Get the Word Out Wednesday

Thank you to all those who linked up last week.

If you missed that post feel free to check it out here.

We will be hosting a “Get the Word Out Wednesday” Link-up EVERY  Wednesday for blogs featuring articles that will help those with chronic illness.

This linkup is not only for zebras but ANYONE with a chronic illness that has a personal story, help (allergen-free recipes, ideas), adaptation ideas, testimonial or anything that would be helpful or encouraging to others, (even sharing a day in your life).

The idea of the “Get The Word Out”   link-up is to spread the word about our illnesses, adaptations, short-cuts, tools, articles, stories, etc… and support each other during this sometimes lonely journey. Continue Reading the full Article…

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