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Make your laundry room and supplies work for you!

Make Your Laundry Room Work For You FB

I realize that several of you may be in tight financial situations and can afford neither expensive or difficult renovations, so that’s why we decided to share a variety of inexpensive and simple ideas on how to make your laundry room work for you.  Please keep in mind that we try to suggest things that will work for a variety of people and there is no way to actually meet the needs of each individual every single time but we still appreciate your feedback.


Lets start with the simple things.

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Laundry Sorting Spoonsavers

Laundry Room SIgn

After the surveys one of the chief complaints mentioned was how much of a struggle it is to gather and sort the dirty laundry from all over the house, especially if there were other members in the household who refuse to put their laundry in the designated area.

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How Do You Deal With Laundry?

What are your laundry tips

I don’t know about you but laundry is one of the most difficult (and neverending) tasks I face everyday.

Just when I believe it’s caught up another load (or 4) “magically” appears.

   After putting out a few feelers in some of our support group, using my own struggles and getting our readers suggestions as a base I believe I have developed a comprehensive list of adaptations, tools and shortcuts to help make each load a little easier.

  Mondays & Fridays in the month of March and April will be devoted to sharing some of the tips and tricks we have discovered.

The most common problems listed during the survey were:

1.  Gathering/Sorting  (especially when others live there)

2.  Transferring from washer to dryer

3.  Folding/Hanging

My plan is to address these as thoroughly as possible here on the blog over the next few months if you have any specifics you struggle with or suggestions to make any household tasks easier please leave a comment below.

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