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How To Make Grocery Shopping Easier When You Have Physical Limitations

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 Grocery Shopping

Those two words alone bring aching hips, lower back pain, and a massive headache to mind and that’s just the thought pushing a cart through the store.

Today I hope to compile and share a list of shortcuts and hints I use to get the most for my money with the least amount of time and effort in the grocery store.Continue Reading the full Article…

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Why You Should Menu Plan With a Chronic Illness

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 Why You Should Menu Plan With a Chronic Illness

Why You Should Menu PlanWith a Chronic Illness

Just 30 minutes or less a week can save you more time, stress and spoons than you could ever imagine.

When I began writing the kitchen spoon saver series I began referring to my “menu plan”.  It was then I realized I should probably begin with a post about why menu planning is important and how it works.

Below I wanted to share a few of the objections/questions I have encountered over time and my response to each.

Continue Reading the full Article…

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