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Why You Should Menu Plan With a Chronic Illness

 Why You Should Menu Plan With a Chronic Illness

Why You Should Menu PlanWith a Chronic Illness

Just 30 minutes or less a week can save you more time, stress and spoons than you could ever imagine.

When I began writing the kitchen spoon saver series I began referring to my “menu plan”.  It was then I realized I should probably begin with a post about why menu planning is important and how it works.

Below I wanted to share a few of the objections/questions I have encountered over time and my response to each.

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One Woman’s Rise Above E.D.S.

One Woman's Rise Above E.D.S.

One Woman’s Rise Above E.D.S.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  Three ugly little words that changed my life, took everything from me, erased years of work and struggle, took away my identity.  Three words that gave me a new life, new purpose, a new appreciation for every day.

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5 Foods to Prep In Advance and Freeze To Make Dinner Time Easier

My Top 5 Foods To Prep For Easy Dinners Later

Why should you prep any food in advance when cooking is challenging enough?

Because doing the prepwork on a separate day removes a large portion of the stress and work on dinner night and can save time and money. Read more »

How To Make Grocery Shopping Easier When You Have Physical Limitations

 Grocery Shopping

Those two words alone bring aching hips, lower back pain, and a massive headache to mind and that’s just the thought pushing a cart through the store.

Today I hope to compile and share a list of shortcuts and hints I use to get the most for my money with the least amount of time and effort in the grocery store. Read more »

30+ Things to Do when Stuck On Your Bum (a.k.a. Bed rest)

30+ Things to Do WHen Stuck On Your Bum AKA Bed rest FB

30+ Things to Do When Stuck on Your Bum aka Bed Rest

How many of you have been knocked off your feet because you ran out of spoons, over did it, had surgery, dislocated a joint, had a complicated pregnancy or suffered some other set back?

Being stuck off your feet, unable to work and take care of yourself, your house and your family can leave you feeling very depressed.

It gives you lots of time to think about the pain and problems in your life.

This post has been created to help combat those feelings.

I actually have a list and small basket of items I allow to accumulate to work on whenever I am forced off my feet (which happens a lot).  The last few years I have learned to save my sanity by doing physical things first and setting aside the less pressing/easy to do/sitting things at the end of the day or when I am required to bed rest.

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