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One Woman’s Shares How Faith, Family & Fun Carry Her Through Her Days of Pain

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One Woman’s Shares How Faith, Family & Fun Carry  Her Through Her Days of Pain

One Woman Shares How Her Faith, Family and Fun Carries HerThrough Her Days of Pain.

This is a story.  It‘s about me.  A woman of faith with E.D.S. #3

This means that I am “bendy” and very seldom break.  But I do often wonder “Just how much more can I take?”

I go to bed sore and wake up in pain.  It doesn’t seem to matter in what position I have lain.

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One Family’s Journey To An E.D.S. Diagnosis

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One Family's Journey to an E.D.S. Diagnosis M's Zebra

One Family’s Journey to An E.D.S. Diagnosis

EDS is known to cause frequent dislocations of the joints. I remember hearing that my first dislocation had happened when I was three, but the stories about how it happened vary.  I found this slip of paper from a hospital showing that something had happened to my elbow when I was only 1.5 years old that warranted an X-ray.  So, it seems I may have dislocated that elbow twice.  I became a fairly careful child and haven’t had any documented dislocations since then.

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Laura’s Journey With E.D.S.

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My name is Laura, and I’m 32 years old.  I’ve had chronic pain since I was 14. I’m an artist, and I love to make stuff… but sometimes I struggle because of my hands.  This is my story.

Laura's Journey With EDS Photo

I have I a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

It affects how my body produces collagen, which is basically the glue that holds our body together.

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The Early Years- “When EDS Was Still Fun”

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Picture for blogHi!  I am a married Zebra mom with two (diagnosed) Zebra teen girls and one teenage son.

Why do I refer to us as zebras?   You can find those details here.

The accessories at our house tend to come from a brace catalog, more than Glamour magazine, but the good news is… we match!  I am currently involved with two blogs, spreading EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) Awareness, making crafts, homeschooling my youngest daughter and various volunteer activities in my town.  I had not planned on sharing my story when I began this blog, but after multiple requests for my story, I felt I should share it here and make it accessible to everyone.  To me, my story is boring and uninspiring, so I keep sliding it to the bottom of my stack, but here goes….for all those who have asked.

My Story:

Part 1 –The early years with undiagnosed EDS; when being bendy was fun.

I had a fairly normal childhood, with accidents and illnesses.  I was sick more than any kid I knew, and it seemed to always be due to allergies or sore throats.  I was constantly on an antibiotic or home sick.  I was accused of being anorexic, anemic, bulimic and anything else that had been thought of in the 70’s and 80’s, but every test was negative.

I can actually remember my age or where we lived based on the illnesses and injuries I experienced.   Who, besides an EDS patient, does that?

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